Privacy Policy

Who Are We

Red Rocket Net is an internet service provider located in New Britain, CT.
We deliver internet to residential and commercial clients.

Our website is

What Types of Data is Collected

  • IP address
  • Time Stamps
  • Cookies
  • Contact & Signup forms
  • Google Analytics

We use this data along with Google Analytics to improve the security and quality of our services. 

We utilize tools such as cookies and analytics, to improve our ability to solve user issues and to improve the user experience. 

Ultimately this allows us to make our service easier to use and to understand.

Data Security

When you connect or login to our site some data is shared with us. This information is kept as secure as possible.

We make use of encryption to secure our data, especially when the user is accessing our services or to make a payment.

We regularly review our systems and make sure that they are properly maintained and that the data is kept physically secure.

Access to personal information is restricted, based on the needs of the employee’s role.

Employees with access to our systems can only see information that is relevant to their role.

Anyone that is able to access the information is subject to confidentiality agreements, which contain various levels of disciplinary action depending on the situation if they fail to meet these obligations.

Data Sharing and Third Parties

We will never share user data with any third party for nefarious reasons, only to improve our platform via services such as Google Analytics.

Payment information may go through other services such as Payal.

These other services have privacy policies of their own.

Exporting and Deletion your Data

Some data is kept only for a limited time, afterwards it is deleted. This can be things like remembering account information to automatically login into your account.

Data which is required for a limited time, such as account information for login purposes, will be deleted once no longer necessary to retain.

In other cases, things like personal customer data is kept until the account is deleted by the user. (e.g. email, phone number)

Users may request to export their data via support ticket. This request will normally take up to one week to complete. Upon completion we will email you a compressed file containing a copy of your data.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We may change and update the language in this privacy policy in the future. If there are major changes we will notify our users via email.
We encourage and recommend checking back periodically for changes, to maintain awareness and understanding of what happens with your data.

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